# Artical Description
1. The Influence of Sweat-drops and Lights on Emissivity of the Far-Infrared Knitted Fabric
周鈺盛, 邢文灝
Vol.19, No.3(2012-)(104)
2. Nanofibers Prepared from PVA Solution Incorporated with ITO Powder by Electrospinning
陳毓仁, 潘毅鈞, 何婷婷, 邢文灝
Vol.19, No.3(2012-)(124)
3. Assessment of Using Bagasse Compost to Made Activated Carbon
林建宏, 崔砢, 邢文灝
Vol.19, No.3(2012-)(139)
4. The Study of Electroluminescence Fiber Coating Uniformity
盧郁婷, 邢文灝, 陳霈璟, 李念庭
Vol.19, No.3(2012-)(154)
5. Preparation and Sustained Release Effect of Alginate Microspheres Containing Peppermint Essential Oil
黃文澤, 黃國雄, 李承叡, 張志鵬
Vol.19, No.3(2012-)(148)
6. Taiwan Printed Fabrics and Hakka Culture Application of Fashion Design
林玉涵, 蕭美玲
Vol.19, No.3(2012-)(112)
7. The Study of Pantone Color Chips in the Color Difference under the Color Temperature of D65 and LED 6000K - 2012 Autumn and Winter Fashion Color Trends as an Example
王雅琳, 吳繼仁
Vol.19, No.3(2012-)(132)