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Vol.28, No.2(2021-4)(103-110) 
Paris mon Amour - The application on the Landmarks in multifunctional Bag Design
Hong-Nian Jian, Su- Chin Huang
Paris is a city full of history and stories, how many travelers because she left a lot of haunting love and miss. The Eiffel Tower in Paris is the city's representative building. Through the illusion of light and shadow. Light - like the life of a tower. Shadow - like the soul of a tower. It by the light and shadow to compose the eternal melody, but also opened my mind Paris prelude. A journey opened up an important turning point in life. So the idea was to "happiness travelers. City Footprints" is a collection of works inspired by well-known local architectural landmarks, designed and produced with local features, as a record of travel memories. This series of design works with the morning, middle and late trilogy to show the memory and affection of the city of Paris. Work I. Bonjour Paris! In Paris, the bag body can be upside down to change the direction of use, when the bag is used upside down, open the bottom cover, presenting the tower bouquet, showing the image of the flowers of Paris. Works II C'est la vie! This is life, combined with shopping bags and picnic mat functions of the Tote bag, in line with the French like to enjoy the afternoon outdoors and the romance of the sun. Work three Belle nuit! Beautiful nights, based on the concept of combining daily bags with dinner bags, present a quick after-hours flip package that doesn't want to lose every minute of Parisian night view. The color of the work is to symbolize france's red, blue, white as the main color, and the use of collision color matching color, to black, white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple to render light and shadow effects. And subvert the general bag use, to multi-functional bag characteristics as the design focus, symbolizing the collision of fashion and tradition, to show the Parisian romantic and multi-faceted.
巴黎Paris,是個充滿法國歷史與故事的城市,多少旅人因她留下許多魂牽夢縈的愛慕與思念。而巴黎鐵塔則是這座城市的代表建築物。經由光影的幻化,光-像是鐵塔的生命.影-如同是鐵塔的靈魂。它藉由光影譜出了永恆的旋律,也開啟了我思慕巴黎的序曲。一趟旅程,開啟了人生重要轉捩點。因此構想了以“幸福旅人.城市足跡”為發想,將當地知名建築地標為靈感,設計出具當地特色的系列作品,做為旅行記憶的記錄。 本系列設計作品以早、中、晚三部曲來呈現對巴黎這個城市的記憶與思慕之情。系列一. Bonjour Paris! 日安巴黎,袋身可上下顛倒改變使用方向,袋身顛倒使用時,開啟底蓋,呈現鐵塔花束,表現花都巴黎的意象。系列二. C’est la vie! 這就是人生,結合購物包與野餐墊的功能的托特包,符合出法國人喜歡在午后的戶外野餐享受和煦的陽光的浪漫。系列三. Belle nuit! 美麗的夜晚,以日用包與晚宴包結合的概念為設計基礎,呈現出下班後快速翻轉包款,不想損失一分一秒的夜晚美景。作品色彩則以象徵法國的紅、藍、白為主色,並採用撞色配色,以黑.白.紅.橙.黃.綠.藍.紫來呈現光與影效果。並顛覆一般袋包使用方式,以多功能包的特性為設計重點,象徵時尚與傳統的碰撞,來展現巴黎浪漫有主見的多面向性個。
Landmarks, Multifunctional Bag, Bag Design
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