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Vol.24, No.8(2017-10)(498-507) 
To Analyze of Techniques of Wallet - Pattern Making in in Leather Goods Industry in Taiwan
Jian-Hong Ye1, Jing-Yun Fan2, Hung-Shun Huang3
葉建宏, 范靜媛, 黃泓舜
Whether the industry rises or falls is extremely related to cultivating talents. A large number of industries move offshore in 1990, which leads to decreasing demand for leather talents and derives crises on lack of talents. The government has devoted to launching industry mentoring program which makes demands for talents increase. Although the industry, the authority and the academia invest in cultivating talents of bags and wallets, there is no relative class or textbooks in colleges, studios or legal entities to this day. Learners learn relative knowledge only through dictation or observing the actual situation. However, the process of wallet-pattern making is complicated and it requires extremely high craft. Therefore, researcher converts oral tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge which is graphed and text-based through knowledge management to make learners understand easily. This study aims to analyze wallet-pattern making techniques and adopt the opened interview to investigate the terminology, the data standard of pattern making and main points on pattern making in leather goods industry in Taiwan. Provide learners interested in the wallet-pattern making to learn the relative knowledge. Look forward to setting up database through the cloud system in the future and this study is expected to be a contribution to cultivate talents of pattern making. There are three suggestions in the following for the future research. First, increase the number of factories manufacturing wallets in Taiwan to evidence the validity of this study. Next, reinforce the main points, processing method, manufacturing problems and overcoming methods of wallet making in practice. Final, improve the structure of wallet-pattern making.
Knowledge Management, Leather Goods Industry, Wallet-Pattern Making Ability, Wallet-Pattern Making In Leather Goods Industry in Taiwan
知識管理, 皮件產業, 皮夾開版技術, 臺灣業界製作規格
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