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Vol.24, No.5(2017-7)(308-314) 
Study of applying Paper Carving Art into Fashion design
C. C. Wang, W. Chen
王鎮秋, 陳薇
Paper carving art is an ancient art which represent old time life style, all patterns owns enrich culture and spiritual connotation. Most of them brimming meant luck and celebration. It takes on to the realm of every picture means something and something means good luck, along with customs change with time, paper carving art was faded out, it is time to give new vitality to this traditional handy craft, we should get into through of how to apply the art to fit the need of modern life. This study is take paper carving art as a core creative value as well as to extract the elements from Taiwan peculiar plants and flowers in high mountains, and apply them to the approval production. Though the application, I try to convey the intrinsic connotation and exquisite visual aesthetic perception of paper carving, and to utilize the uniqueness of Taiwan peculiar flowers and plants which blend with the beauty of fretwork of paper carving art, also hoping to arouse the visual effect and to manifest and promote the inner value. During study many references of paper work and cases, explore the historic trace of paper carving, the culture connotation and style development as well as analyzing modern paper carving artist and paper carving apparel practice. According to the design patterns and experiments, the creative part I extract the symbolization of the Taiwan peculiar plants and flowers combine with the visual elements. In order to extend the appreciation of cultural creative design, when interpretation the paper carving art through the modern way and new material, I tend to do crossover, yet retain the core value of our traditional culture.
Paper carving art, Taiwan Peculiar Plants, Fashion Design
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