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Vol.22, No.1(2015-)(43) 
Effect of different fabrics on the cool feeling of comfort
M. F. Wen, K. C. Lee
溫滿棻, 李貴琪
In this experiment, different proportions of the general sense of cool fabrics and cotton fabrics were conducted to test the body's physiological function in the static state, then move through the process to change the physiology of the human mutation test, measurement, wearing a different sense of cool summer apparel fabrics made of changes in autonomic sympathetic and parasympathetic of the human body, to calculate the comfort wearing different sense of cool fabrics of summer apparel, to change the sense of cool fiber ratio cool feeling within the fabric, to produce high-comfort, high performance and cost of the cool feeling fabric.
comfort, autonomic nervous system, the sympathetic, parasympathetic, cool fabric