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Vol.22, No.1(2015-)(37) 
Photoluminescence Biological Impacts on the Human Body of Skin Surface Resistance
S. H. Yang, K. C. Lee
楊三賢, 李貴琪
This study is the use of a ceramic material properties, combined with an innovative combination of solar energy reaching past, traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture is to help patients with invasive treatment, the study of the ceramic chip, as acupuncture needles, plus auxiliary light achieve painless acupuncture effect, using the meridian, measuring body acupuncture points and, if found to have abnormal place, in an opposing point painless acupuncture, so that physical fitness is back to normal, thus improving physical fitness, in the experiment, we also added Western HRV analysis system to measure human subject sympathetic and parasympathetic, and the use of Doppler flow meter, to measure blood flow velocity in the current CMCs have been part of the meridian instrument to do is to start using the pulse tools, so that patients are more aware of their physical condition, in this experiment tested a total of 651 patients, mainly for patients with disorders of sleep quality based.
biological light energy, FIR, conductive the value, blood velocity, ceramic material