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Vol.22, No.1(2015-)(31) 
Preparation of Soilless Culture Medium by Manufactured Bamboo Fiber
P. Y. Chen, C. P. Chang
陳沛宇, 張志鵬
In this study, we try five different blowing agents, and then add bamboo scrap. Prepared via microwave heating, and elected to make the best of foaming molding samples. The best re-use of sodium alginate to improve the properties of the sample. We study adding different concentrations of sodium alginate, how to impact moisture content, water retention, pH and EC values of bamboo cultivation medium. Experimental results show that the blowing agent SR-T4 samples forming effect is the best, after adding different concentrations of sodium alginate found that adding sodium alginate sample moisture content were significantly increased compared with those who did not add. Among them, add the sample moisture content of 4wt% sodium alginate 179wt% of the maximum. Bamboo cultivation medium pH range of between 5.6 to 6.2, the best growing conditions in general plant. Except for adding a sample of 5wt% sodium alginate, and the rest of the EC values were in the range suitable for plant growth 2mS/cm below. According to experiments, we successfully prepared plants suitable for planting in general, and has good properties of bamboo soilless culture medium.
microwave heating, SR-T4, sodium alginate, soilless culture medium, bamboo scrap