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Vol.22, No.1(2015-)(26) 
Preparation of Feasibility of Using Microwave Foam Soilless Medium with Pineapple Leaf
Y. C. Guo, C. P. Chang
郭宇承, 張志鵬
After the experiment was crushed pineapple leaves were mixed with four different blowing agents with seaweed hair glue evenly and then the use of microwave heating of samples forming. The article discusses the effect of blowing agents for molding of pineapple leaf cultivation medium with different concentrations of sodium alginate leaves for pineapple cultivation medium moisture, water retention, pH, and EC values. Experimental results show that the blowing agent Reduction RCO best molded samples were 2wt%, 3wt%, 4wt%, 5wt% of sodium alginate and calcium chloride to the solid, it is found the addition of 3wt% sodium alginate samples made out of a sample of the most suitable for plant growth.
本實驗是將鳳梨葉粉碎後,分別與四種不同的發泡劑跟海藻膠均勻混合後再利用微波發加熱使樣本成形。文中探討發泡劑對於鳳梨葉栽培介質的成型性之影響,與不同濃度的海藻膠對於鳳梨葉栽培介質的含水量、保水率、pH值、EC值之影響。實驗結果顯示,使用發泡劑Reduction RCO的樣本成型效果最佳。分別加入2wt %、3wt %、4wt %、5wt %的海藻酸鈉且以氯化鈣固型後,發現添加3wt %海藻酸鈉的樣本所做出來之樣本在含水率保水率皆為最佳。而EC值則會隨海藻膠濃度提升而上升。
soilless cultivation, sodium alginate, microwave heating, foaming Reduction RCO
無土栽培、海藻酸鈉、微波加熱、發泡劑Reduction RCO、鳳梨葉