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Vol.22, No.1(2015-)(10) 
Water Resistance of Needle Punching Nonwovens for Insoles by Agent and Padding Process Parameter
Y. R. Hsu, Y. H. Lin, W. H. Hsing
許雅茹, 林永浩, 邢文灝
One of them is C6-based fluorochemical water-repellent, which conforms to environmental protection. In this research, low melting point polyester of needle punching nonwovens were finished by C6-based fluorochemical water-repellent. About hydrophobicity test, the contact angles were constantly between 118 and 130゜and the rating results of spray test were between 3 and 4 level. The wicking height of finished fabric was 0 cm. The result show finished have better hydrophobicity. Air permeability of fabric was between 1 and 1.49m/s. After the fabric washed for 20 times, the contact angles were dropping 7゜and spray test were dropping 1 level. Above-mentioned results, one of them is 1.51% take up rate was a better option.
non-woven fabric, insoles, water repellent