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          陳文正 (逢甲大學)
          張淑美 (臺北科技大學)
          蔡淑梨 (輔仁大學)
          潘毅鈞 (亞東技術學院)
          蘇清淵 (臺灣科技大學)
          鄭如伶 (台南科技大學)
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  1. ISSN 1025-9678
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           Wen-Cheng Cheng (Feng Chia University)
           Shu-Mei Chang (National Taipei University of Technology)
           Yi-Jun Pan(Oriental Institute of Technology)
           Su-Lee, Tsai (Fu-Jen Catholic University)
           Ching-Iuan Su (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology)
           Ru-linn,Cheng (Tainan University of Technology)
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